Primary Subsurface Drainage

The primary subsurface drainage system installation requires (10) days and the equipment we utilize removes all spoils. Most fields are put in play immediately following installation.

We will lay-out the drain lines similar to the attached drawing(s). Based on our past experience we recommend placing drain lines +/-15’ on center across the field and tied into collector drains that remove the water to an adjacent storm sewer inlet or open swale. To estimate the linear feet of pipe required divide the area to be drained by 15 then add length of collector pipe.

Download a Printable Version (PDF)


Excavate 3”x 14” drainage trenches utilizing a wheel trencher with a hydraulic conveyor belt to collect spoils.

Install 2-1”x 6” panel drains in the collector trench. Install 1-1”x 6” panel drain in the lateral trenches. Backfill trenches with free-draining sand.


One mobilization. Spoils and refuse will be disposed of on site. Root zone is free of rock, rubble and contaminated soils. Mutually agreeable contract. We will take effort to avoid irrigation main and lateral lines but any damage will be repaired at an additional cost. We need to be able to stockpile the required sand adjacent to the 10’ access gate required for our equipment.

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