The secondary subsurface drainage system installation requires 1 day per acre. Most fields are put in play immediately following installation.

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Flag all irrigation heads, valves, and other in ground structures. Identify any primary subsurface drainage. Install sand slits perpendicular or diagonally to direction of surface flow.

We perform de-compaction and sand slitting in a single pass. The three 10” blades 10” on center fracture the soil from 4” to 8” deep as the blades rotate. The 3/4” slits created are then filled with free draining sand. The process improves surface drainage, amends the root zone, and supplements primary drainage simultaneously. This is an important annual/semi-annual practice.


One mobilization. Root zone is free of rock, rubble and contaminated soils. Mutually agreeable contract. We will take effort to avoid irrigation main and lateral lines but any damage will be repaired at an additional cost. We need to be able to stockpile the required sand adjacent to the 10’ access gate required for our equipment.

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