Semi-annually the infield skins of baseball/softball fields require renovating. We need 2 days to renovate the infield skin of a field. Often we are requested to perform this renovation just before spring season begins. Because of wet conditions materials are often slow to be delivered in late winter and the clay requires a “curing time” of hot dry weather to firm up completely so we encourage infield skin renovation be scheduled in late summer before fall practice begins.

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  • Sod cut infield grass edges. Scarify infield skin and add one (1) load of infield mix. Till infield skinned area.
  • Laser grade the infield skinned area to slope of best fit. Roll infield with 36” steel drum roller.
  • Rework pitchers mound with 10 bags of mound clay. Install 60 bags infield conditioner.
  • Nail drag and mat drag infield skin. Set new drive in base anchors. Clean work area.


  • One mobilization.
  • Mutually agreeable contract.
  • 10’ access gate.
  • No irrigation, grassing or fencing required.

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