The turf replacement and laser leveling package requires 10 days. Generally we lay-out a rectangular area extending the length of the field and width beyond the thin or damaged turf.

The replacement begins by stripping the turf within the painted boundaries and piling of the refuse outside the access gate. Following the turf removal we till, laser level, and amend pH and major nutrients of the root zone. After irrigating the root zone we lay, cut-in, and roll big roll Bermuda sod. With warm nights (70+ degrees) and proper watering the turf should be ready for use in 10 days to 2 weeks.

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Flag all irrigation heads, valves, and other in ground structures. Lay-out replacement dimensions. Strip existing grass and remove with dump trailers to location beyond 10’ field access gate.

Till and laser level field to slope that best matches existing turf elevations. Amend root zone. Install big roll Bermuda sod, cut-in and roll.


One mobilization. Root zone is free of rock, rubble and contaminated soils. Mutually agreeable contract. We will take effort to avoid irrigation main and lateral lines but any damage will be repaired at an additional cost. We need to be able to stockpile the required sod adjacent to the 10’ access gate required for our equipment.

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