Excellent Field Drainage: The Key to Year Round Field Use

Year round field use requires excellent field drainage. The best field drainage consists of three (3) components; (1) primary drainage, (2) secondary drainage, and (3) surface drainage. Primary drainage is a pipe system installed 6” to 12” below the surface and backfilled with free draining sand to the surface. The primary drains are installed 5’ to 20′ on center across the Sportsturf and tied into a perimeter drain which flows into the storm sewer system. Secondary drainage consists of narrow sand slits excavated 10” to 12” on center perpendicular to the primary drainage then backfilled with free draining sand to the surface. Secondary drainage does not involve pipe but facilitates water movement to the primary drainage system.  Surface drainage is accomplished with laser controlled land planes creating a pool table smooth surface at a specific slope, generally 0.5% up to 2%. The surface soil should be a stable, well draining sand minimum 4” deep.

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