Field Preservation Program

 Our goal is not only to build safe, high performance fields for our youth but to preserve them. We developed our “Field Preservation Program” (FPP) as a first year program for new field owners to follow. Because so many have asked us to extend the program beyond the first year and provide an option to add existing fields we now can offer our FPP to any field owner. Our desire is to partner with field owners in preserving the integrity of their sports field(s).

One of our certified sports field managers evaluates the field and prepares a written program. We then sit down together to review the program and determine what portion of the program can be performed by the owners staff (often it is the labor intensive activities like mowing, painting, and trash pick-up) and which services will be performed by our staff (generally the activities that require specialized equipment and training like fertility, pest control, aeration, topdressing, etc.). The field manager visits the field 6 times a year and reports back to the owner in writing about current field conditions and any program adjustments that may be required. Prior to each season we conduct training sessions to review with the owners staff upcoming maintenance activities, potential pest problems to be looking out for, and field safety.

Step 1: Meet with customer and define field usage and goals.
Step 2: Prepare a written FPP based on field testing and inspection.
Step 3: Review the FPP with customer and determine responsibilities.
Step 4: Bi-Monthly visits with written inspection report.
Step 5: Pre-season Staff/Volunteer Training Session.


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